my ibanez (rg series) headstock was snapped off, and the person who did it is buying me a new guitar. this ibanez was my first guitar, i've been playing for about 6 months. i never looked at any models other than ibanez when i was choosing, ibanez just shouted my name, but now i'm open to looking at all types. i am still leaning toward an ibanez (iceman this time), but if you have any sick suggestions please tell me. my spending range is 3-450

ps, i'm even considering trying a bass, and if i did, would i need a new amp? my current amp is a jackson frontman 25r
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well idk what type of guitar
but if you want to go to bass
you need a new amp
guitar amp would not be able to handle a bass's low frequencies.
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You could go for an S320. It's $500 if you can manage the extra $50, but it would be well worth it.
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