Honestly i have no clue what i the difference between a squire strat or a fender strat, people keep saying the squires are "real" fenders but ive played both and i dont see no real difference, but if there is what is it.
Squier is a brand by Fender. They are much cheaper and probably not as good quality and playability as a Fender.....
Well, Squiers can be good once in a while, but you really have to look for them. Then again, you can get some crappy MIMs too.

In general, you get better hardware, woods and pickups.
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Squier is the cheap, beginner-oriented brand owned by Fender. Fenders are generally made with better quality hardware, woods, electronics, better attention to detail, better playability, and so on. But for a beginner or someone who wants a cheap guitar to mod and such, Squiers aren't bad instruments.
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