I'm thinking about upgrading the pickups/electronics on my Geddy Lee Jazz. I think I want a P/J set, and I was thinking about EMGs. This is very hypothetical situation right now, since I don't have any money.

The first thing is, will the work and price of the pickups ($150) be worth it on a bass that's $850 new? Bear in mind that the work involved will have to include some cutting of the instrument or something, because the current pickups are both jazz pickups and I want to upgrade to a precision/jazz set. Actually, does anyone ever change from j/j to p/j?

Last thing: will there be a significant difference in my tone if I do this upgrade? I think the sound of the bass is a bit thin and that the P pickup will give it some more bass/thickness, plus the active electronics might give it some more punch. I really like the instrument itself, though--the neck is very comfortable for me. Thoughts?
Routing the bass properly will cost a lot of money. Bare this in mind.

Have you tried EMG's before? If you havent, it's probably best to find a bass loaded with them and give it a shot with your rig to give you an idea of the sound.

TBH, i think there are other pups out there that sound much much nicer!

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fat tone?
try the quarter pounders by seymourduncan/basslines
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Let's say I'm going to have the bass routed for free, because a) I do that sort of thing and am quite competent with and have access to woodworking tools, and b) I will have experienced people helping me, because I know those kinds of people. Vague, but true all the same.

I guess this thread answered itself--I need to try more pickups to get the ones I want (I used a guild pilot with EMGs, but didn't have any other basses to reference it against).

My main concern was about the electronics and fitting a P pickup into a J slot in a pickguard/bass... anyone have any ideas on that?