People say that you can stop feeling. And the expression that youre 'cold' is so over used. But what if you really have become numb to emotions? Please,I do not look for any comments that include 'grow up','its just a phase','its writers block',or such. I am more of a poet,than a song writer,but fow some years now,nothing seems to be an inspiration.Yes,yes,I know that you CANT look for inspiration,and that you shouldn't force things,but thats what i do,and things come out great,many people love my works....but it seems so fake...suggestions?To not be fake? Ive tried to stop writing,but...I cant,its too far in my blood,even if the words arent meaningful.Not sure if this is right thread....?
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i feel the same way though, partially because i suffer from depression(not emo bs but the chemical imbalance kind) but also you hear so much about it that its easy to believe you have flaws that you do not actually have; kind of like placebo effect. chances are you have that set in you mind and then your tricking yourself into it...ive been there
Well try writing about this.

Also if I want a piece to mean something to me I stay away from dictionaries and stuff and use the words that come to me without outside help.