well im planing on getting a fender hot rod deluxe/deville for my low/no gain amp in addition to that i am going to need a medium/high gain amp

i want an amp that will work to provide me with the following sounds
avenge sevenfold (city of evil) , atreyu (new album), metallica, iron maiden, van halen, disturbed, 3 days grace, flyleaf, theory of a dead man and more

what should i get? (probably will buy it used)
price? idk yet deff under $1000 so lets go with that for now
Definitely look into ENGL and Mesa/Boogie.

EDIT: Oh, wait, didn't see your price range... sorry.
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you can get used for that..
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^^ +1 or a used 5150
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How many people recommending the 5150 have actually played it? I'm not bashing the amp, seeing as I've played one and like it, and yes I would recommend it for your situation.
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hmm...i will deff try out some 6505s just so i know if i want a 5150, what do you guys think about xxx?
Im selling my xxx for a good price if ur interested. And yeah it can cover the bands you listed considering i play about the same stuff.
used marshall jcm 800?

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Why dont you just not buy an HRD and get a used Mesa Roadster or F-30... You have cleans and gains... that way you have more cash. Looking for a higher-cost amp that is more versatille will probably be a much more viable, and better sounding option
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used carvin v3

If he got that he wouldn't even need the Fender. Seriously the cleans on that thing are amazing.
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