i feel like having a few drinks.It's just over littl;e stuff and i'll get over it,but should i take the plunge?
as long as you dont drive man
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i once dreamt my wallet was on a helicopter and i chased after it. and eventually i pulled my dick out and lassoed the bottom of the copter and pulled it out of the sky. i woke up screaming
Do it. It works for me.
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there are 11 words in 'the alphabet'
What kind of plunge?

Swimming? Suicide? Marriage proposal? Toilet clogged?
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having a few drinks isnt really a plunge is it? but whatever, just dont drive if you do i drink or smoke when im stressed and/or thinking, it works for me =/
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as long as you dont drive man

Because if that doesn't kill you, I will.
We've drained full confession booths, polluted drinking wells with our repentances, and then stood grinning with our arms around the shoulder of a rotting child.

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Drink whilst simultaneously driving, and blaring "Heat of the moment". You'll get over it.
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You're asking UG permission to have a beer because you're feeling stressed out?

Go ahead! I've had two WHOLE cans (to myself!) this evening, and I didn't even feel unhappy before-hand!
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What kind of plunge?

Swimming? Suicide? Marriage proposal? Toilet clogged?

eitherway this muthafukaz goin down
Umm that's a good thing on account of if you stop thinking you die haha jk but yea do it if you think it will help DO IT NOW!
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Smoke a joint? I realize it's probably not a good idea but it really does help
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Interesting. It turns out that there are people on the forum who play an upright bass. I'll make a note of that.

*makes note*

*puts note on wall*

*stares at note for a minute*

*sits back down and resumes doing what I was doing*