Sorry for making another orange thread but i've never played the AD30 and i'm wondeing if it would suit me better than the R30...i want to get a good bluesy tone (SRV, Buddy Guy, Hendrix), and good classic rock tone (Zeppelin, Who, Thin Lizzy) and a good heavy tone (deep purple, sabbath, uriah heep)...Orange R30 or Orange AD30?

I've been watching some demos on youtube but they are all blues :/ so i don't know if it'll do some of the heavier bands i named
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I've heard people say that the AD30 can do everything from clean all the way up to a JCM 800 type of tone. I've yet to play one, so I can't vouch for that, but it's what I've heard
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^Believe it or not the I found the Rocker to have superir cleans!

I'm gonna say the Rocker 30. Great blues amp, I play lots of the type of blues you play and for what classic rock and hard rock tones you want, it's perfect.
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doesnt the guy from stonesour play oranges? listen to his stuff

Yes he does play a completly different model of Orange.

Anyway I think the AD30 is much better for the classic rock sound, but the Rocker 30 is probably better overall for what you are going for.