So i was just thinking about bigsby tremolos...

I have been thinking about picking up and epiphone semi hollow such as the sheraton or the dot, etc. However i really like having tremolo on my guitars. So if i were to put a bigsby on one of these guitar there would be holes left from the original bridge wouldn't there? Is there any way to fix this if i am correct in my thinking? Also what would happen with string length? I dont think the strings would be long enough to go from the new placed bigsby to the headstock?

Can anybody explain to me the advantages of Bigsby's as well as the cosmetical disadvantages? Personal opinions with any guitar and bigsby?
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bigsbys will give you that added advantage of having a tremolo and your guitar will look sexier. You have to drill holes in your guitar though and, some holes from your Tune-O-Matic would be left over. Also tuning stability may not be ideal, but i think you might increase the sustain.
I dunno bout the string length.
In general, bigsbys look damn sexy
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