Hai all,

The internet is the bane of my existence. Behold, the modern guitarist! Spends more time online reading and talking about guitars than playing! So I've decided '****it' and I want to switch things up a bit.

I've been playing almost two years now, entirely self taught with the aid of youtube vids and other online instructional videos but my theory is majorly lacking.

What I'm looking for is a comprehensive book that'll cover theory and technique from the basic to an intermediate/advanced level. But I want one that I can rely entirely on the book. I don't own a DVD player so I don't want one that uses both book & DVD.

From searching UG I've come up with the following possibilities:

The Guitar Handbook by Ralph Denyer

Fretboard Logic Series

As well as that I'd like a book thats focused on 'chop building'. I have that 6 hr (?) workout in pdf, but does anyone know if there are any books focused more on blues licks rather than metal.

Oh and, has anyone read Zen Guitar? Seems like it'd be an interesting read!

Any help would be appreciated
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as for theory

go for "GUITAR GRIMORE" great book with a ton of theory
the "SCALE BIBLE" and "CHORD BIBLE" are more for positions and such

as for technique there are so very few books on this and they all suck
I am a guitar instructor and there is no good book for technique.. it is something you have to learn by seeing and analyzing every aspect of what is being played
i teach all my students technique and use a book to have them study theory.

watch videos online watch other players thats the only way
look for vids on alternate picking, chord forms, rhythm patterns and such
There to many ways to play a guitar to have one comprehensive book of it all. Or it would be a 1000 pages. I know it can be confusing. I look in a magazine and one guy says this is the whaatever scale the next page another guy says this is the way. Guys like angus young have gotten away with one scale all their careers then guys like satriani say you need to know every scale in every key. Theres no one way. I dont know how much time I have sat trying to figure some of this stuff out. I have 3 books on scales and they say 3 different things. Im leaning toward Iommis way of playing. He uses the penta minor box and one or 2 of the boxes from the major/minor scale. And you can play alot of music with that. If you like the myxolydian will fit right over top of the minor penta box and gives 3 notes per string. Just gotta figure out what you wanna use and go with that. You will drive yourself crazy trying to reconcile what everybody says. Technically everybody is right to some degree.