Nighty Night keep your butthole tight
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I heard my mom talking to her friend about going to a ****ing dildo party!
I think a better question would be, "Who watches America's Next Best Dance Crew?"

By that statement I am implying that I do not know.
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who cares
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cof_median11 is a Child Rapist.

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Theres a mosquito that lives in my room and i let him bite me all the time and i let him live. It's our special deal. His name is "The Dude".

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cof_median11, you sick ****.
Smitty's unite!!

good sn TS. we should meet irl.

EDIT: WAIT WAIT WAIT, by the topic matter i thought u were a girl, but then i clicked ur profile, and upon further examination i do not want to meet u irl. srry bro