I doubt anything at that price is worth your time. You're better off waiting until you have at least $300 than buying that, you'll just end up struggling to get a decent sound out of that guitar and it won't be as fun or productive.
surprisingly I bought 6 of these


for my music program. they're pretty decent for the price. I don't know how well they're hold up, that's the test. many cheaper guitars aren't conditioned properly, and tend to warp within the first year, so it remains to be seen.

if you're looking for a great acousitc value, i highly reccomend Seagull guitars


Like the others have said... don't get the Rogue. Rogue has a bad rep, about as bad as Behringer in the electric world.
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No, theres much better out there, the guitar that Johnos linked to definitely being one of those.