My brother and I are looking for musicians in the Oklahoma City area. I'm a guitarist and he is a drummer. We play modern rock.
I live in OKC aswell, how old are you? I'm 17, I play guitar mostly lead but I can play rythm too. I usually play classic rock stuff like aerosmith and gnr.
I play music and stuff..
i'm 19 and my brother is 21. we don't have a place to practice right now but if you do maybe we could get together and jam. for some samples of what we sound like go to myspace.com/acrisisfarewell.
I'm a bassist in Bethany. 17 years old up at SNU on 39th Expressway. Sounds awesome. kaseystarnes@hotmail.com or pm me
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I play bass and guitar in Edmond, I also have a friend who's a great metal guitarist but can do other stuff as well. We're both looking for a band to join, pm me if you're interested.
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