I have had a hard time finding musicians, especially singers in the small town that I live in. I'm trying to promote this brand new solo project I am working on in a local studio. Being produced by a man by the name of John Baxter. If you guys could go to the myspace and give feedback on the music, it would be great.


There is only one demo up right now, but more to come in weeks ahead. I hope you guys enjoy it.
Wow, I totally wasn't ready for that voice, lol. I like the sound... especially the 12 string. However, the hardest thing for me to get around is the voice... nothing personal. Just a bit too much Southern Drawl for me... even though I'm not too far away from you.
to be honest i didn't like the vocals at first but after listening it is actually really nice
maybe try to get some banjo or something in there if you are up for it, i think that would sound neat
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I appreciate it guys! It's rather hard for me to sing, and the vocals at the beginning are really a tad louder than they should be, but I backed off of the mic towards the end. I work with what I have though. And I already got a banjo on the way! Thanks for the quick replies guys.
Yeah, I try my best man, If i could find another singer, i would be totally down for that.
Nah, I totally know what you mean. I haven't gotten my solo project up yet, but I have problems with vocals due to all my years playing clarinet. My teeth got messed up from it, so it's hard to sing and sound good.

I'm totally sure you can find a guest vocalist on a song, not too hard to find them. Good luck dude!
i'll add you if that is okay, i want to see what new stuff you record
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I like it too, really nice

your voice actually gets better towards the end
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I will post more on there for sure, all of you guys can add me to myspace if you have one.