So i recently won an auction for a Mesa Boogie DC-5 head on ebay (yay me!), and am waiting for it to arrive. I'm also looking into getting an Earcandy Buzzbomb to go with it, but I have a few (actually a bunch) of questions. Now, here's the first two question:

1. For connecting the head to the cab, would i need a special kind of cable? I currently have two cables; one eight (maybe 10, but it doesn't seem long enough), and one that's like 3ft long (which i used to run my DS-1 into my MG combo). Could i use the 3 footer to connect the head to the cab?

2. Because I'm also in the market for new cables, what are some good ones to go with? I've seen a lot of artists with Planet Waves and Monsters, but I'm not exactly knowledgable on that stuff. (looking for something like 20 or 30 feet for the front end of the amp so i can move around relatively freely both on stage and around my house).

Alright, now that my main questions out of the way, I also have a few others.

1. The DC-5 head doesn't include the footswitch, so does anyone know where i can find one? Ebay? Mesa/Boogie themselves?
2. I'm also interested in a multi-effects unit. Currently i'm looking at a Lexicon MPX-G2 (mainly cuz of Billy Howerdal during his APC tenure) and the TC Electronics G-Major. How do they stack up against one another? Looking for your standard effects (delay, reverb, chorus, etc.) with some additional doo-dads (some modulations, etc.)
3. For using that head in the loop of the DC head, I would need a MIDI Pedal, right? Which is a good one to use? I've heard some good things about the GCX Ground Control pedal. First hand accounts?
4. Actually a tie in with the Ground Control question; if i were to use that, would i also need the Digital Music Corp Switcher to use it? If not, how would i use it to switch presets on the effects unit, and also change channels on the DC head?

Sorry for the long amount of questions. Thanks in advance.

1. I'm fairly sure that Mesa allows you to buy footswitches through stores. If not, Ebay!

2. I have the G-Major, it's a kick-ass unit. Very programmable, with more parameters than any single pedal I've ever seen (and I've seen most of 'em)

3. Yes, you would need a midi-pedal. The Ground Control is a great unit, but it's overkill for just effects in my opinion. Check out the Rocktron Midimate, or Tech 21 Midi Moose, ENGL
and Roland have some cheaper things too.

4. No, you don't need it. You would switch effects presets using Midi Program changes, basically making a preset using the effects, and assigning it to a button on the footswitch.
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thanks a bunch man!

any other input/opinions?
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you need a SPEAKER cable to hook up to the cab, its important you do this, because otherwise you could harm your amp.
I personally like livewire, because they're cheap, quality, and have a lifetime warranty.
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I would think that the DC5 would have external switching jacks on it.


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you need a SPEAKER cable to hook up to the cab, its important you do this, because otherwise you could harm your amp.
I personally like livewire, because they're cheap, quality, and have a lifetime warranty.

Yes, +1 to livewire.
alright, what guage speaker cable would i need for the cab? and which of the DC-5 footswitches would be compatable for the head? in the store, it says DC-5 (new) then some switches, then DC-5 (old) and some footswitches. which one would work? this one?: http://mesa.stores.yahoo.net/fcdcn.html
another question;

anyone use these cables?



They seem to be inexpensive (well, relatively), and rated pretty highly. Responses?

And another question (so that i don't need to make an entirely new thread), anyone one here use Earcandy Buzzbombs? I've got the option to get either one with Two Green Machine speakers, or one with a Celestion G12H30 and a Vintage 30. I'd be using it with a Mesa DC-5 head. Look in my profile for the bands i listen to, cuz i play music similar to them. And i wouldn't be able to play the green machine loaded one before i buy it, and the one with celestions would probably just as difficult to play before i buy.
Hey, congrats, man!

Thats gonna be a sweet setup. Where do you gig? We only have like pubs or clubs around here no large venues.

Either way, enjoy the stack and kee rockin.


PS, I am jealous of your bargain.
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haha, not to sure on venues, but a lot of bands at my school play at clubs, parties and some kinda like generic places (i hate to say the stereotypical VFW hall, but for some reason that's the first that comes to mind). Now that I've gotten a pretty killer setup (still waiting to hear from the buzzbomb seller), I can finally take up the couple band offers i've gotten.
The only question of yours I could help you out with is that you need a speaker cable to go from the head to the cab, also, for the type of cable, do not go with Monster, they suck all the roundess out of your tone, I would go with planet waves.
Monster cables are pretty good but overrated. Livewires are just the same. Don't Go for reviews on sites like musicians friend either. All they do is put good reviews because most of them are all fanboys of whatewver they buy. Any ways... + 1 to livewire.
okay, I have a bit of a dilemna;

I haven't played my amp yet, cuz i'm still waiting on the buzzbomb guy...haven't heard ANYTHING from them. However, after thinking it over, the speakers in the Buzzbomb aren't really too high wattage (the guy says 60, but i think with the speakers [it's more like 90]), and I want something with a few more watts. It just so happens I found a Mesa 2x12 (not sure if it's a recto, or open back, or what not) with a price of 500, or best offer, and it's in mint condition.

It's 140 watts too, which would be good not only for my head, but for any other head i'd run through it (short of like, a Bogner Uberschall). I figure if push comes to shove, if i REALLY need more power down the line, I could always get another 2x12 (maybe this time a Buzzbomb, with green machines maybe).

Does this sound like a good idea?

(also, I feel guilty about not leaving feedback for the guy on Ebay i bought it from, but i don't want to say "Good Job!" and have the thing not work on me, even though it was packed REALLY well *tubes were surrounded in like 3 inches of heavy duty bubble wrap, and there were enough packing peanuts to fill 2 big ass garbage cans*)
Monster is a company run by a bunch of douchebags. Don't buy their products.
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planet waves cables are pretty solid

monster is heavily overrated. if your gunna drop that much on a cable, its better to go boutique
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get a cheap marshall... my MG15DFX has a button that simulates the sound of one of the expensive tube marshall amps.
alright, yea, i was kinda leaning towards Planet Waves anyways. Any opinions on the Mesa 2x12?
alright, thanks guys. Hopefully once I get everything squared away i can get some pics and stuff up.
i use planet waves cables, I've abused them pretty good actually! i remember one time my mom dropped an iron on my cable and it just sizzled the side a little, no damage done really. I've countlessly ran over them with the computer chair too

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Hey guys, I got another question (I hate having to ask questions, but I'm SO close to finally getting a great rig set up). The Mesa 2x12 on craigslist is 500 or best offer, used, and after reading a bunch of Harmony Central Reviews, it seems they're only like 500+ tax new. Unless i can lower the price down to like 400 or something, would it be smarter to just get the damn thing new?

I'm going to Guitar Center anyways to test out my head (which I haven't yet!!!), and also test out some cabs, so I'll see how much it would be for them to order it (I've never actually seen a 2x12 Mesa at GC, but they may have one). Good idea or not?