I'm going to build a talk box and i think i know of everything i need but can somebody please check it and give me some advice, tips or tricks i can use when building it

OK i need:

- Horn driver
- Hose
- Something to attach the hose to the driver (Fitting or Glue)
- Wire
- Female plug X2
- Footswitch (For on and off)
- Volume pot
- Tone pot
- LED (Optional)
- Box or housing (i will make myself)

I think thats it if i haven't got something that i need will somebody that has made one before tell me

I will be making a thread of my build when i get around to it after making it

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Kudos to you for doing this project. I have always wanted to do the same.

Just to cover both our butts, I think this thread should be in the next forum,. the Gear Customization one.

I believe you have the basic parts list correct, its quite a simple device. There is a side for a build-you-own-talkbox project, do a search and I am sure you will find it.

Good luck,

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