I'm buying a American 62' Stratocaster body off ebay. Im going to try and make a SRVish guitar. The guitar i want is a 3 tone sunburst w/ a nitro finish. What does Nitro. Would it look good or is it too dull? Would it make a good body for the SRV guitar? thanks!
Nitro(cellulose) finishing is considered superior to "poly" finish because it is thinner and does not clog the pores of the wood. This, in turn, lets the tonewood produce better acoustic resonance. The flip side is that it is more expensive and more prone to damage since it is so thin.

I'm sorry that I can't more offer more info, but the above is true and for sure the basics about the two.

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Nitro looks pretty much just like poly initially but it wears quicker. It does look really nice when it wears though. Nitro tends to be applied more professionally than poly, so it's usually thinner which generally sounds better. SRV's guitars all would have had nitro finishes.
I actually want my guitar to look worn. i think it would look really cool. Like John Mayer's strat
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The only thing with Nitro is that the rubber or foam on some guitar stands can mess up the finish. Not much to worry about, just remeber to put a cloth to cover the foam/rubber and protect the neck's finish.

Put a cloth to protect the neck. Can you tell me more about it?