so with april fools day coming up i figured id see if anyone had any crazy pranks planned or maybe wanted to share ones theyve done in the past. i was thinking about taping down the button on my sink sprayer so it will get my mom in the face and maybe plant some water on top of my brothers door so he'll get soaked when he walks out of his room in the morning but those are sorta lame, im sure UG can do better
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how can your girlfriend be in your band if she's in the kitchen?
I don't do any pranks on april fools day. Mostly because I'm not a huge douche.
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Im not sure. I can't wait to get Super Tortimer on Animal Crossing though.
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You disgust me.

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bro u are definately gay

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A backstabbin' bitch who calls himself the 'oracle'?

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UG loves me so much. Do you?

Type up an official looking letter informing your target they have an STD that was recently discovered by either
a> school check up
b> one of their partners contracted it and they may have it
c> From when they went to the doctors ages ago.

The more believable the letter the better, make sure you aren't there when they receive it.
You should try not acting like a dick for a day - maybe it'll fool someone into thinking you're not a total dick.
For April Fools I'm going to kick this guy in the nuts...oh man I can't wait to see the look on his face.
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How are you so fucking awesome at music?

you could say you're gay?

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For April Fools I'm going to kick this guy in the nuts...oh man I can't wait to see the look on his face.

I loled
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[quote="'Tommy[fin"]']Has UG pulled off any april fools, like some other popular sites?
Yes. I can't remember what they had as news articles on the front page last year, but something about Avril Lavigne.
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April 1 is the one day a year where you can be a dick and not be a dick for it. Im probally going to stick something up my buddys trombone.

is that what the kids are calling it nowadays?
I'm going to kidnap a guy and hold him hostage. Once I get the ransom I'll release him.
April Fools is bound to be like a get out of jail free card.
I'm not really feeling it this year. I guess I'm just gonna go small. Stick some firecrackers in a few wheel chairs, glue some gas pedals, steal some IDs and sizable bank accounts.

Actually I've never done anything for April 1st. I guess I'm just sub-human.
We're only strays.