I just started learning songs by ear like an hour ago. I'm learning Without Judgement by Death. Chuck is my favorite player and influences me alot. I read that he isn't trained in theory and learned songs by ear, so i started learning by ear (still learning theory). is this a good way to train my ear? i've been playing for 3 years and i'm not bad, but i've been using tabs.
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Yes of course - ear training is essential and listening to songs and figuring them out by ear is great training.
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As obvious as it sounds you'll only train your ear by listening. I learn by ear. It's just a case of listening to what is being played and finding the same notes and chords on your guitar.
I don't listen to Death, but I bet they are tuned down so getting the tuning right helps. You will get to a point where you can tell by the depth of the sound if it is tuned down or not.
Not familiar with Death either, but a couple of general suggestions:

1. Start with simple stuff. Three-chords and four-on-the-floor as they say. CCR, Nirvana, The Cars, Green Day, etc.

2. Start to sing. The better you sing, the better your ear will get, and vice-versa. Not only that, if a note goes by you too quickly, as long as you can sing it, you can hold the note with your voice and continue to sing it until you find it on the guitar.

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Also, http://www.musictheory.net has some good ear trainers. I suggest just spending about 20 to 30 minutes a day going over these. Longer if you enjoy doing it. They're on the 'trainers' tab, right at the bottom.
I'm trying to do the same thing. It takes a long time but start off with simple riffs from songs you recognise.
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What are you training your ear to do? For example, you can't train yourself to recognise a major third unless you actually know what a major third is.
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learning by ear is a really good thing to do. you'll start off slow but if you keep doing it it will get easier.
One thing that I would definitely recommend if you are learning metal by ear...

Get some slowdown software. Riffmaster Pro, Slowgold, and The Amazing Slowdowner are all slowdown software programs. They slow the music down without changing the pitch.

Pretty handy... They all run about $50.

If you are broke, then windows media player has a slow down feature too.

Good luck.