Anyone got any tips for singing while playing? I couldn't do it to save my life but I really want to learn how. I find it really hard to just talk while playing.
Start by trying to learn songs that are written to be sang and played at the same time. As much as i dislike the song hey there delilah is a good song to learn this with haha. Just work on the songs and try to add singing to it, you won't be able to have very complex riffs and stuff with the vocals for awhile.
Practice. It's easier to start just strumming chords than playing anything else, even power chords. Wonderwall, Knockin' on Heaven's door, stuff like that's all easy to do. Or, try something with a really repetitive and simple part, like School, by Nirvana. 90% of the guitar part is 2 notes.
There's no secret. You just need to keep practicing until you can play without thinking about what you're doing. Don't concentrate too hard. Just mindlessly play and try singing along.

Edit: The first song (admittedly v easy to play) that I was able to sing along to and play at the same time was Grow Old With You by Adam Sandler if that helps.
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I agree with the Knockin' on Heaven's Door thing (original Bob Dylan version)

This helped me a lot when it came to this (though I'm still not a very good singer )
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It doesn't fit my playing style at all so I figured it would be good for me
be the rythm guitarist if ur in a band unless ur god like alexi
try just holding a conversation with someone while strumming out a structured pattern of like.. G, E, C chords..

it'll train your brain to do both things at once.

if you can sing well, and play well..

you just gotta make your brain figure out how to do both.
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For singing/playing at the same time, I used the following to help me get better at it.

Master Of Puppets



The Sweet Child O' Mine intro (over and over again, while having a conversation with someone)

Unfortunately, I can't sing very well.
I sing and play rhythm in a band and the thing that helps the most is taping my foot, I do it with out even noticing now. But really it does help a lot.
I've known people who've really struggled with this (after all, it's really tricky until you get the knack...no, not the band who made My Sherona) and have found that singing in their head while they play is a good first step. Just make sure you know the song so well that you don't have to think too much about what you're playing. It'll take a while for you to get the ability, but once it's there, it's like riding a bike
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