I love this guitar!

I have never played a high end guitar mainly because I am a little paranoid about the clerks staring me down, but I would not mind if I had the money for them. But, I have tried out my fair share of guitars from Fender, Ibanez, ESP, and Epiphones. Maybe it was just the fretboard which was wider than most guitars and it had big frets toward the body. Which is good for me since I have fat fingers, and I could play this comfortably. The guy came to talk to me cause he was sure I was going to buy it because I was playing for a while before he talked to me. But, I do not have the money; at least not now waiting for my six hundred dollar check from Mr. Bush. So my question is does anyone have any reason why I should not get this guitar when I get the money or is there one that you think better suits me? Please do not tell me to buy a new amp I am already buying a new tube amp very soon.
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You haven't played that many guitars then.
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If you think its the best guitar you've ever played and you love it then absolutely go for it man!
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go get it no one going to stop you.
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They're totally hit or miss gutiars in my experience, but if you've found a guitar that you've fallen in love with. Get the damn thing!
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I actually played one a few days ago.
If I had a little bit more money that day it would have gone home with me.
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go for it~PRS don't fail at making guitars

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yeah go for it if you want... if u like it get it... but pick up a PRS Custom 22 or 24 and than see how you feel about the SE
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I was thinking about getting the gray black one.
The PRS SE custom is sexy in my eyes, and feels very comfortable.
Go for it!
get it man, i fell in love with my guitar and got it, and you should too, it would be sweet if you could get the exact one you played so you know its the one but no problem if you cant, bottom line, get it bro.
Not exactly high end but they're still kick ass guitars. Go for it.
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