Alright well i am currently in the process of designing and testing a few tube amps. I already have one which i was aiming to have a Dr Z. Route 66 style tone. I will not be able to build it until the summer but have the schematic and layout ready to go as soon as i recieve all of the parts. Which brings up my questions.

I am looking at designing two to three other amps and would like to see what most people want in amps. My first amp is designed to be 30watts clean. So I'm guessing i would want to look into designing something like a 5, 18, and 50 watt amp. I don't want them all to be the same thing with just higher wattages either.

So basically copy and post the form below with your ideas of what a good amp of that power should be. I will most likely not be able to make very high gain tube amps as these are also going to be entirely handwired.

5 Watt:
Preamp Tube:
Poweramp Tubes that can be used:

18 Watt:
Preamp Tube/Tubes:
Poweramp Tubes that can be used:

50 Watt
Preamp Tubes:
Poweramp Tubes:

All transformers are also going to be designed and custom wound, possibly by myself. By features i mean things like tone stack, tremolo, reverb, etc. All will feature a post phase inverter volume control.

I moved this from guitar building to the guitar gear because i think it is better suited here.