Well i'm here debating on my new gutiar situation. I need a guitar for my home/band needs. I have a epi les paul jr (the 57 reissue) for jazz band. Now i'm looking for a new guitar. I play mostly rock and the sort. Think green day, the clash, hendrix, the sex pistols, a little rise against, and many others. I was looking at the


and then throwing a


in the bridge for a little more bite. I'm playing through a peavey transtube. But i'll be upgrading my amp very soon. I'll take as much advice as possible. And i don't have a set price range, but i'd like to keep it fairly low.
well is there a fairly cheap hss stratocaster with a maple fretboard? if so point me in the direction
Your not gonna get much of an upgrade for 250. I'd just save the other 150 and buy a strat.
Feed your mind.
yeah, well at the moment i'm juggling an amp on all this too. i've got money going towards a car, ect. So i just need something i can play with, and thats upgradable, thats why i was looking at the agile. i mean whats wrong with it?
Well I'd guess it would be a preference thing, Alder will bring more balance to the party but Ash will give more sustain in a pinch and will probably do a bit better with the pups however it could bring some twanginess since it's a bright wood.
alright. well i hate to seem too picky but i'd rather have a white strat or like dalphine blue. i know its gonna take forever to find what i want. but i'll wait if i have to.
pretty smexy, ill definitely give that one some more looking into. in the meantime, any other ideas?