How do you play a chord when it's spaced out across several strings?



Do you play the un-tabbed strings as open fret? Do you mute them? Or do you do something else?
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So you mean play the ones with nothing on them as if they were open fret?

No, either mute the strings not in the tab. Or better yet, use your pick as well as your middle and ring finger to pluck each string at the same time, instead of strumming.
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Only play the tabbed notes. Typically, something like that would be played by plucking with 3 fingers on the right hand (assuming you're right-handed.) If you fretted those notes with individual fingers and let your fingers rest across the open strings, you could strum it normally and the un-tabbed strings would be dead notes.
yeah usually there will be a 0 or somthing if it wants you to play an open string. Other than that, I would suggest plucking them with your fingers at the same time as one of the users above suggested.