Are these good interfaces?. Which one do you guys think is the best price for what you get? I was thinking of the Toneport GX because its the least expensive.
I suggest the M-audio Fast Track USB over the GX if you can spend the extra cash....

The toneports are OK but the Gearbox isn't all that great IMO and the drivers for vista and just awful....constant crashing.

The m-audio has a nice XLR input and I feel they are ahead of the game on drivers.

Check the stickies, I did a review on the UX1 Toneport and I think theres a review for the fast track USB.
What does the gearbox acually do? And I heard you can bypass gearbox. By the way is the any latency on the GX
Latency is not too high on the UX1 with the direct monitor but I've never used the GX. These are 1.1USB devices so the latency probably isn't too low...

Gearbox is an amp and FX model program. Normally it must be open in order to route audio though it and so you would want to bypass with the button on the program.