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how do you guys hold your pick,
thumb and index?
thumb and middle?
thumb index and middle?

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the most common grip is thumb and index (as i use as well), but there are some very good guitarists who use thumb and middle finger and such. its really whatever is the most comfortable for you which in turn is the best for your ability to get better.
thumb index and middle

i never noticed i did that til now

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Thumb index and middle all threee!!!!

or less i want to do a fast shred like palm mute then it is thumb and index
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I go between thumb and index or thumb and middle...never thumb and both.
All three. Occasionally the middle one has something better to do, like tap or palm mute, but normally he can make it.
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Thumb index normaly but on super picking like eruption type stuff thumb middle
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I always have to have at least my thumb and middle finger on the pick. Sometimes I use all 3 but I always use the thumb and middle, no matter what.
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Thumb and Index. And I tap with the middle.

same here
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im weird, but i dont use a pick alot of the time. i just use my index finger basically in the shape you would hold the pick. its just something i just started doing. but when i do use one its def. thumb and index.
i hold a pick like a man
with my hands down its pants
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thumb, index and middle
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Thumb and Index.
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I actually hold mine like JB does in The school of rock.
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Thumb, Index, and Middle, and will remove Middle finger for tapping.

I use all 3 because it is much easier to play fast, PMed riffs IMO.
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Wow. For over 10 years i've been holding my plectrum between my thumb and my index and middle fingers. I didn't think there was really any other way until earlier today I started to learn Wolf and Raven - Sonata Arctica. The picking in this is crazy and I couldn't quite get it up to speed. The problem was that my picking hand was letting me down.

So I researched on the net and came across this topic. I've now been trying for just 10 minutes holding the pick with my thumb and just the side of my index finger and I instantly found a great improvement! It does feel weird holding the pick in this way...I think it'd feel weird to do something different after doing it one way for 10 years.

So yeah, anyone who's trying to build up speed that doesn't seem to be getting anywhere: I strongly recommend trying to get used to holding the pick with your thumb and the side of your index finger. You get so much more control.
^ +1 getting used to picking with all three fingers will be a pain in the ass a few years since your gonna wanna pick faster and pinch harmonics. Alot of people only use thumb and index fingers so they can have alot of movement, speed, and presicion. This will get all your skills better and as most guitarists always want to get better i would suggest using this pose to avoid annoyment and uncomftablility. Keep rocking!
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Thumb and index but i can't pick using the pointiest corner... it always gets caught in the strings...
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Sometimes I find my ring, middle, index, AND thumb.
It's...unique and unorthodox and looks really funny.
But that's only sometimes.
Thumb/Index. I mostly tap with middle, but I use index for quick taps... for some reason.
Thumb and index finger. When I started playing guitar, for the first time, I used to like using my thumb, index and middle finger. My teacher told me not to do that so now I use my index and middle finger. The only logical reason I can think for using the index finger, and not middle finger is for hybrid picking. If you want to do hybrid picking (using a pick, and finger picking with the other fingers), I think it would be easier if you don't have your middle finger on the pick.
Thumb, index and middle. I also use engraved black Jim Dunlop 1mm picks -- although my hands don't sweat while i'm playing, i have some trouble holding the pick steady, because i strum very hard, and i found out that the engraved stuff in those picks help me hold them.
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Actually I have a problem with this, not with the pick but with the picking hand. It's kinda difficult for me to adjust my hand well for economy of motion. I watch other players doing it and their pinky seems not to move, its just resting on the guitar as well as the palm (without muting of course), and I can do this but when I move lets say from the 6th string to the 1st one, it's hard to keep my palm the way it was, so it moves as well as my pinky (it descends with the pick).

So anyone has any sugestion about this? Has something to do with my wrist? I know i must keep it straight but maybe the motion i'm doing doesnt allow me to move correctly up and down on the strings. Thanks.
Wow, almost a week on since I saw this post and started holding the plectrum "properly" and I can without a doubt say that my playing has improved twice as much!

Like I said above I noticed an improvement straight away, but now that I'm used to holding the plec this new way I'm playing sooo much better. It actually feels natural and feels unnatural to go back to how I've been holding it for 10 years!
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