well for $199...Go for it, I say.

try it out before you buy if you can
It's a great deal for $200. I'd rather have that Crate VC than a Peavey VK that costs twice as much. You might want to upgrade the speakers sometime soon, and probably should swap out the tubes as soon as you get it, but it's a solid value nonetheless.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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i love you slats.
yeah looks good man, you dont have much to loose at only $200 for a tube amp, worst thing that happens is you dont like, swap out the tubes and upgrade the speaker and sell it for 5 or 600
Definitely get it. It looks like a bargain!
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Could anyone tell me how much a full new set of tubes would cost. I think this amp takes el84 and 12ax7's but I'm not sure. As far as the distortion goes, I can always buy a pedal, so it'll all work out.
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