I Would really like to get a good punk/pop/rock band together in the Minneapolis, St. Paul, Minnesota area if I could. I'm 18 years old, I play lead and rhythm guitar, and I'm an experienced vocalist. I would like to hear from any guys or girls who play any of the following: guitar, bass, and drums. It would be awsome if I could get a girl in the band who can play one of those instruments and make a good female co-vocalist. I'm a highly dedicated musician and I'm hoping to get together a good n' serious punk rock band that hopefully might make it big some day. I want this band to consist of four members: two guitarists, including my self, a bassist, and a drummer, with my self and maybe one other band member singing lead vocals. My influences are Sum 41, Blink-182, The Offspring, and Green Day, I Don't Do Emo. If you live in or near the Twin Cities area and you're interested in this idea, and you are dedicated to the end to this band, like I am, let me know. You can post a reply here or it would be best if you can E-mail me at krswanny@yahoo.com. thanx.

So I'm basicaly re-newing this old thread thread because I didn't get much response the first time I posted it and I'm hoping I can get more people interested the second time around, now that I've improved my profile and all. Prety much everything I stated earlier still goes. I still want to get a good pop/ puck rock band going, and I still would really like to find a female who would like to take part in this project. Don't worry, my intensions are strictly music bisiness related, nothing more! Now here's more about me, I'm a young and ambitious musician. I've never been in a band before but I really hope to start a good one here. I have recently taken on playing the keyboard but it's going to take time for me to get good at it. But I am pretty good at singing and playing the guitar. I can play both lead and rhythm guitar but I prefer to play lead. I like almost any genre that's within the rock realm. But pop/ punk is my favorite to play because I find that it's easy and it's fun. So far only one guy has responded seriously to this thread in the past, but he lives a little ways away and I haven't herd back from him in a while. He's been in a pop/ punk rock band before and he said that he's "with me" on this but at this point I'm not too shure just how "with me" he is anymore. So on that note, all other postions are still open for this project. I'm looking for good musicians who are within the age of 16-25, who can play one of the instruments that I stated earlier, and lives within 25 miles of the Twin Cities area. anyone who's interested can E-mail me or PM me. I'll take the best I can get. Also, anyone in this band who wants to, and can, sing part of the lead vocals may, I'll be one of them. I really just want to get something going here. That's all.
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Damn, well if you ever find yourself traveling to this area in the near future I'd be willing to check out what you got.
C'mon... There's got to be someone out there who's up to the task. Geeze, why is it so hard to find any talent with any sort of dedication in this area?
If there are any good keyboardists out there who are interested, you're welcome to join too. So far one experienced guy is with me on this punk band thing, so it's getting pretty seriouse.
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shame.. dave from sum41 lives just around the corner from me :O

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I have good faith in this fair metro area. C'mon now, there's got to be musicians out there interested in this big opportunity. Don't be hesitant. I'll take the best I can get.