I wrote and recorded a progressive rock piece recently (for those who may wonder, I did indeed record all aspects of the piece); let me know what you think!

The name is Omnidimensional Perception, because that sounds like it fits the song, I guess. It's at my MySpace (click). Add me if you dig it!

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The Chad
Wow, I really like it, very pretty. 5/5.

PS: I don't have a myspace page, but you made my browser's favorites list :P
Quote by Sub_urban12
Wow, I really like it, very pretty. 5/5.

PS: I don't have a myspace page, but you made my browser's favorites list :P

Well, thanks! Let me know if you join MySpace, for sure. : )
The Chad
i loved this, very nice. Your exceptionally good imo.
Good work, I'd like to hear more of you
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I liked the first 13 seconds or so, then the rest isn't my style. Not bad, just not for me.
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I'm sorry didn't mean to post that rot, fingers slipped LOL!
Anyway your piece wasn't bad...
very upbeat, the transistion from the clean flangy intro the main section was smooth and didnt really seemed forced in nice work, nice piano work with that slow melody solo as well very dramatic the harmonies are nice also and the come back is very nice well done mate

EDIT: i didnt mean to right nice that many times i was writing and listening at the same time, so try switch the word nice with many other positive choice cause there all suited lol
its very good, very erm extravigant, hate your guitar tone, the only person who can pull that tone off is brain may imo. but i think its impressive, specaily if you only been playing 2 years, i ahve and im no where near at all that good. lol
Either this was dumbed down to Mono or you really need to learn what a pan pot is...

this mix is your enemy in this track. Its lacking punch and everything sounds really brittle and all together... theres no clear lead sound sticking through the mix...

Read Sound on Sound magazines. Mix magazine. Computer Music and such.... its the only way to learn.
Thanks, guys. Yeah, I know that the mixing isn't near perfect, haha; but it's a hell of a lot better than when I first started. : )

I'll look up how to make it better in the future, for sure.
The Chad
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i like the first one uhh... omnidimensional perspective
very nice
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