I am really interested in getting a 2x12 recto cab after playing one at my local GC. The thing is, I just sold my combo amp and will no longer have any speakers to play through. I was thinking of getting the horizontal cab but there are none on ebay right now ( last week there were like 5 or 6) but I saw that there is a vertical one and I would be able to do a local pickup.

So in order to solve my dillema I need someone to tell me if there are any pros or cons to getting either the vert. or horz. cab.

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The vertical cab would be almost as bulky as a 4x12. I would just wait until there is a horizontal one on the bay and then snatch it. Also, check your craigslist.
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Its true, it'll be damn bulky. But hey if it gives you the sound you want and you dont need to worry about saving space, i'd say go for it.
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I like vertical cabs more, they take up less space, which can be really handy if you use it as a practice amp as well. Hoizontal probably look a little cooler though.
There will be NO tonal difference between and vertical and horizantal 2x12 cab my friend. NO difference.
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I don't know what the guy above is talking about saying the verticals are smaller...but, I decided that if I'm shelling out some major cash on my guitar rig that I want to make it right.
I'm going to college next year and having a large cab, let alone a cab, in my dorm room will take up a lot of space when I'm not out playing.

I just need the cab soon though cause I don't want to be stuck using headphones for too long
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Get a cab with feet on the bottom and side. Then you can have both. It's not going to be much different, the horizontal cab might have a little more bass because it's touching more of the floor.