I'm new to playing the guitar and instead of practicing the same chords over and over (which I do) I'd like to learn part of a song. My brother is coming home in a few days and he wouldn't be easily impressed by me switching from E to A to D and all the other combinations.

I'm trying to learn the intro to "So Damn Lucky" by Dave Matthews.
It seems simple enough on the left hand but I can't seem to get the strumming right to make it sounds real or even decent.

There is a video tutorial of it here on YouTube but he never goes into the strumming of it. He also seems to use the middle finger on the 10th fret from time to time and the tab I have listed doesn't show that.

So I was hoping that someone could help explain to me how he does what he does.
How do I strum this intro?
I've made some improvements in the hour some time since I've made this thread but I'm still sounding nothing close to the video. So any advice you can give I would appreciate.

*Still not sure about that 10th fret on the D string that it looks like in the video. Atleast everytime I give it a try it sounds like it doesn't belong.
He doesn't play a 10th fret but he uses his middle finger to MUTE THE STRINGS. If you don't know the concept of muting strings try this: play any chord you know. Then use your middle finger (or any free finger you have) to just lay it over the strings - without putting pressure on it. And strum. It should make a percussive sound.

This is what is usually called "deadnotes". You can try it with one string too.--
In the riff in the video he definitely plays deadnotes but I'm just too drunk to figure out the exact rhythm now and write it down...-_-

And honestly: I generally don't consider Dave Matthews to be suitable music for beginners. Especially because your post does give the impression that you're still at "typical" chord changes and developing a feeling for rhythm. Why not learn something classic? Like House of the Rising Sun or whatever XD

Sorry that I can't be of better help right now...
Yeah I'm aware Dave Matthews is a bit of a stretch but I felt that I might be able to pick up just that intro. My brother and I are both big Dave Matthew fans so I figured if I played something my brother recognized it would be best.
I had also been muting all the strings not being played with my index finger. But the more I watch that video the more complex the frets are becoming. Like I think I see him playing the G string but not sure.

You did help and I appreciate it. I'll take a look at some more typical beginner songs but I'd still like to work on this Dave intro.
Thank you