Title is the question, how much do great shredders like gilbert, vai, batio, malmsteen ect use when they play? is it better to have more or less?
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for shr3d (metal faggot sitting at home attempting sweeps and legato) set your gain on 10, use your neck pickup, get it as muddy as you possibly can with the EQ.

if you are feeling talented, do it on 6 or 7, or even clean if you are feeling extra awesome.
Gain doesn't have to do anything with shred, is more about the tone you're looking for.
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I agree for ultimate shredding you need it on 11.

Not really

The whole point of shredding is to flaunt your technnical ability, too much gain and no-one can hear that.

To be honest it jut depends on the guitarist, some use loads of gain, some a little, some guys shred clean.
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dont forget add some reverb..

Just dont end up sounding like Mark Tremonti.
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dont forget add some reverb..

I tried once, it didn't sound to well, or maybe i just suck