Hai all,

The internet is the bane of my existence. Behold, the modern guitarist! Spends more time online reading and talking about guitars than playing! So I've decided '****it' and I want to switch things up a bit.

I've been playing almost two years now, entirely self taught with the aid of youtube vids and other online instructional videos but my theory is majorly lacking.

What I'm looking for is a comprehensive book that'll cover theory and technique from the basic to an intermediate/advanced level, both for electric and acoustic, along with some rudementary history/flesh. But I want one that I can rely entirely on the book. I don't own a DVD player so I don't want one that uses both book & DVD.

From searching UG I've come up with the following possibilities:

The Guitar Handbook by Ralph Denyer

Fretboard Logic Series

As well as that I'd like a book thats focused on 'chop building'. I have that 6 hr (?) workout in pdf, but does anyone know if there are any books focused more on blues licks rather than metal.

Oh and, has anyone read Zen Guitar? Seems like it'd be an interesting read!

Any help would be appreciated

/e: I reposted this here for a better turnout ;P
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