I live in the UK and need a truss rod nut for a '96 Squire Strat that is made in China. The size is a 5mm Allen key and more importantly a M6 thread. Has anyone got an idea where I can get one? I will order online or mail order and I dont mind ordering from overseas if the postage is not too much. Any help would be great.


I don't see why the thread gauche is important here. Anyway; 5mm hex is standard for M6 allen heads. You can buy the proper tool at the nearest hardware store without any problem whatsoever.
If the truss rod is accessable from the body side, a ball head allen wrench might be the best choice. These are readily available also.
As always when it comes to buying tools, go for the best quality you can get. When buying a small item like this you can save a few pennies at most when you go for second best, while a rounded out bolt head can set you back more than your guitar is worth.
Yeah but I need a truss rod nut. Thats the little nut on the end of the truss rod that you turn to keep the fretboard flat. I have the allen keys. Thats why it is important that the thread is correct.


Ach So...
What you seek is basically what can be described as a M6 nut that has as 5mm alan bold head on one side, or a bush threaded on one side and a provision for to apply a wrench at the other.
Three possibilities
First the scrapheap method; go to the local bicycle shop and search the dustbin for bolts that were ment to hold the pads of a V-brake. They are M6 on one side and have a 5mm hex on the other. They might be too beefy to fit, but you may be lucky, in which case you'll have the part free of charge.
Second the DIY method. Simply weld a m6 nut on one side of a steel bush and weld a m6 allen bold head on the other, grind the sides smooth et viola. You'll need some metal working skills for that though.
The best solution might simply be to go to the guitar shop and have them order the part for you. It may take a few days for it to come in, and certainly you'll pay an unreasonable amount of money for it, but at least it's guaranteed to work.
Thanks for that.

I considered getting or making a new nut but decided to take the fretboard off and buy a complete new truss rod instead. I dont think the rod was working too well anyway.

Does anyone know if the single rod is as good as one of these flex tubes.