I was setting the spring tension in my ESP LTD MH50 but I noticed that both of the screws for the spring claw is both rounded. How am I supposed to repair this?

Also my guitar has a wide range of paint chips and dents whch is pretty bothersome to me. I want to repaint the whole guitar. Should I just chip off the rest of the paint?

I am seriously pissed because I payed for the guitar at only $60 off the retail price. But its missing a lot of crap.

I also want to sell it (See sig) for a Dean flying V because I dont like the FR that much. I dont even use it haha! Too much of a hassle for something I dont use.

Also word of advice to anyone who is buying used guitars in ebay: Ask a million questions and pictures!

This is last time I am buying second hand guitars without inspecting it first hand.
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the screws in my dean (in the back) are rounded now too. this topic interests me
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use some vice grips and grip the head of the screw and unturn it.........maybe? as for the chips and dents.......those are prized battle wounds id leave them alone
Grab It Damaged Screw Removers would be a better route than the vise-grips if the head of the scerws sits flat and can't be gripped or in a confined area where you can't get to it with the pliers. And if the chips and dents are too much to handle just sand it and refinish it.
Might want to umm, sand, rather then... chip off... the rest of the paint.

I usually just color all the chips in my guitars in with black sharpies.