Well, this song came about because I had been observing the world lately, and to me, everyone is too lazy and seems to take their fortunes for granted, so I wrote this:

I can use my mind as a tool.
To destroy.
To create.
To inspire.
The choice is mine.
Every day.
Humanity walks around
Blind to all that is helpful
Down the path to destruction.
A disgrace, a waste.
Of life.
You all will be shown for what you are.

Knowledge at our hands,
Yours to understand.
Yet it is thrown in the trash.
Left to rot.
Whilst the path of humanity continues.
Destroying the world.
Piece by piece.
Life by life.

What will it take for you to understand?
For all of you to understand?
Stop drowning in self negligence.
Avoid your impure thoughts.
We are not perfect.
Mistakes are made to learn from.
Use it as a tool to inspire.
To be determined.
To determine.
Our destiny within ourselves.
Waiting to be awoken.

Stop wasting time.


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