so my band is gona play at the after prom for our school.
we are a metalcore/deathcore/metal band.
we were wondering how we should set up our line-up.
we have 2 originals and 1 cover down. but we can make more, and learn more. currently we know forever by as i lay dying. i was wondering, is there another cover song that fits our genre and most people will know?
if not i was thinking "endzeit" by heaven shall burn?
EDIT:and yes, i know its not a very common genre of music for a prom after-party, but its somthing
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hmm. what you need is some Children of Bodom.
try 'In Your Face' if the organisers are ok with the whole "i dont give a flying ****" section
or you could go for some Sabbath if you want everyone to know it. try 'Iron Man'.
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