i feel like an idiot still having doubts...but I constantly find myself comparing different parts of my technique to other guitarists (paul gilbert etc..).

anyways...the reason this came up was I was watching some PG vid and he mentioned that you should hold the pick between the thumb and side of index finger, not any of the fleshy part.

I then noticed that I didnt do this..and it worried me...(i know I shouldnt be worried).

his thumb makes more of this shape (kind of a pinching shape):

__ __

while mind is closer to a straight line, sometimes very slightly flexed inward, like a U shape.

I know pics would help but i hope you get the idea.

Also..ive noticed that when I pick fast on one string (trem picking etc), my pick is angled a little forward.

Now I know this is comon, but what worried me was that I dont just angle it forward, I also have it turned slightly toward my body. To get the idea just hold the pick perfectly perpendicular and with the pick point pointing directly down at the string. Now angle is forward, and turn your hand just a little left, so the pick is turned a bit toward you.

I dont know if any of this makes sense, but if it does, comment on it lol.

Sorry for making a retarded confusing post, but when I get worried I get confusing.
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i used to use my thumb, index, and middle finger to hold a pic back in the day.. then i learned how to pic with just the index and thumb and my fingers hanging out because thats "proper".. recently i read a van halen interview where me mentions how he uses his index and middle finger... so really i guess what ever is easier for u
ive just always heard people like PG saying how important it is to have your right hand technique perfected, and I dont want to be doing it wrong for years and then be like "****"
Jackson KV2 USA Snow White/Black Bevels