Hey guys.. I know this is cheesy, and not that good, because it is my first one... and I'm not that much of a writer haha.. but this experience I had, I really needed to put it on paper... somehow.. enjoy, and please comment on this one.

So the rain is falling, and the tears are drying.
I think I just got over you, my heart is being washed,
it's gonna be ironed, and your name will be erased.
I'll fade away, and it'll be gone forever.. 'till the end...
If I'm okay again someday, I promise I'll give you a call,
because, baby, we should really talk.
I know that time heals almost all, but love leaves a scar.
This wound is big as hell, and even if it stops bleeding,
my heart is almost together, my face is clear,
and the bruises dissappear...
I know that everytime I think of you, it will burn..
just as fire, just as it burned since we fell apart...

I don't want you around, because you hurt me..
I don't want to hear your voice, because it amazes me...
I really don't want to see you face, because its beauty stabs me...
But I can't help it, I'd rather love you, than live...

I'm getting really sick of this..
You call me just to tell me that you are seeing someone,
you come over just for me to see you happy,
you even kissed me last night, just to see me suffer when you left.
Damn this hurts... so please, ease this suffering,
and choose, because I'm giving you 3 options...
Love me, but if you do, love me forever.
Kill me saying you won't love me, but live with it forever.
Leave, stop seeing me, forget about me, but tell me you love me,
so at least I'll have a reason to keep on breathing.
Because I never lose hope, and I know that maybe, just maybe,
one day, the ashes that were left from our fire, will burn again.

Oh, and correct my spelling too if you want to haha. I don't have such a good english

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"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality." - John Lennon

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