The title pretty much sums it up. Which tube amp in the $500 - $600 range will work well with an HSS Strat to produce 80's Rock (Poison, Cinderella, ACDC, etc...)?

JCM800? not sure about pricing though as im an Aussie.
For those who care.
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how bad are traynors over there? any vintage-ish / british sounding amp will work.

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Have you considered the Peavey valve king 112?

I'm into 80's metal and it sounds great on this amp
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The Valveking also has the advantage of being able to blend and mix Class A and B power via a knob at the back of the amp, I especially love that you can get the really spongy mids almost like a Mesa from it.
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A used JCM800, if you can find one, would do that for you. Alternatively, if you never use a clean tone, a Peavey Windsor would do the trick. But it does not do cleans.
Thanks for the quick replies.

I like the looks of the of Valveking.

I don't know anything about Class A and B power. Can you enlighten me?

I think it doesn't actually switch between Class A and Class B. And it doesn't really matter whether an amp is A/B/AB.

But the knob does do something - some people say it does pretty much nothing, but others report a big change in sound when changing it. I'm not sure what it does.
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The Peavey Classic 30's a nicer amp than the VK, IMHO, and will do what you want rather nicely. Get an OD to tighten it up a little bit for the higher gain stuff. They can be found used for under $400 virtually everywhere.
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