"...And we will welcome death with open arms.
We have annihilated all we have loved.
We are the cause of the world's state.
We are it's wounds and perpetrators of it's demise.

Light shall exist no longer.
In the end all that will be there to comfort
you is the memories of all things you regret.
No longer shall the ones you love hold you near.

And we will embrace Death on our knees:
A sign of respect that we never showed.
And He will judge you on what you have done.
...Expect to be damned.

We are the cuts and sores of the earth.
We can't stop our greedy rush for power.
Nothing of what you sought after matters
after the Death of Man.

And we will try to embrace the afterlife,
but Death sees to it that we live through
every nightmare, every bad memory.
This is what you know mow, and is all
you will see, hear and remember for all of eternity:
The Great Death of the Earth."

...Can you guys help me with a title? And can you tell me how I did with these lyrics? They're the first ones I've ever written.
I hope it's cold, everyday, where you are.


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