This is just a short little piece that I did on word a few minutes ago. I'm not sure how much I like how it came out but it's what I got. Give me a good crit and I'll return the favor. Just leave a link.

The 28th Floor-

I tell myself that this whole situation was fine. You and I and one night, but it had to be more. I was already planning for next year when you were just planning for a night. I saw you and your friend watching. I also saw you approach me and tell me that I looked nice. And that was that. But we bumped into each other on the streets heading to dinner, so we ate together. On our way back to the hotel you flirted while I, still being unsure, left all doors open. We hung out in the lobby, fit nice into the chair. And of course as they entered, this had to be a big deal. So I, being cowardly, left as you said goodbye. Fast forward that night, to the dance. You, in a conveniently broken dress with a missing particle of clothing, and I, in my street close, danced. Well danced, for the lack of a better word. Well while we ‘danced’ I forgot, forgot about them, but they never forgot about me. You see, they found this hilarious and I let them think for me. But nonetheless we had an enjoyable two hours for the most part. Again you must see that they got into my head, I was wrong, we were wrong. They kept our lips as opposite magnets no matter how hard you tried and they kept that might from being perfect. And that night I received humbling words from you, making me realize that I’m not the ****, I’m going to die. It hit me and the fear of the taste of my own blood overpowered me and I tried to keep lying to myself but the words of the concrete wouldn’t let me. We were too high up for this, too high for me to dig a hole one would think. Well, one wouldn’t know me. And I spent hours on the way home borderline miserable. I couldn’t take it for what it was; you were more than what it was. You were, dare I say, perfect. But your silence and suspense will have to kill me ‘til next time around. Then we’ll see how I do, but at least now, I understand the word regret. Thank you.
Show me the fever into the the fire, taking it higher and higher.