I think I got most of the bugs worked out of my recordings. Fixed the mic positions and tweaked a few things. Let me know what yall think, its nothing special just a improv piece that I came up. Didn't do any sound editing or tweaking so its pretty ruff. But it will give you an idea on the tone.

And like always no flaming me on my playing ability I know I suck...

Click Here - Then on New Valveking Improv

Hit me up and let me know what you think..
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i have to be honest, that sounds crap. the VK can sound a lot better.
For those who care.
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Quote by SG thrasher
It sounds really thin and nasty.

Agreed and deleted...

I found out what was wrong, i have a bad mic and my headphones sucked. I was wondering what was up because in the room it sounds pretty good and is really full. So i picked up a better pair of headphones. And re-listened to my recordings with them and i can hear what everyone has been saying clear as a bell now... My other headphones were adding low end to the mix instead of giving me a good representation of my tone and i was missing alot of clarity so i couldn't hear how thinned out it was. So once i finished that i turned my attention to the mic's. So im adjusting and tweaking and sure enough my secondary mic was scratchy as hell even without clipping, so i turned the volume off on the secondary and everything sounded a hell of alot better. But its still missing a bit of the low-end. So im going to see if i can find another mic today.

And also thanks for everyones help, im still new to this recording stuff...
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