Hey guys, im new here be nice...lol

i play a lot of tool and nirvana, im wondering what are the best settings to have your amp on to get they're sounds?

i have a legend st-1 and LE10D amp and boss sd-1

well i don't know about the settings for tool and nirvana, but i these are my settings:
bass - 6
treble - 8
middle - 5
reverb - 5
drive - 6
level - 10

I use a Laney CG 300, I got it second hand. I also have this little squire amp, that i take to my guitar lessons. Unforunatly I don't have a pedal set or any pedals. I use a black squire Strat, it is fairly boring so i got electric tape and waped it around it and now it looks mad, plus i coloured the pick ups (carefully); the end of my wammy bar; the volume and tone knobs; and the pickup swich all black.

I am getting a red Eastwood Airine 3P DLX, for my birthday i have save half tho and i suck at saving money but yer.
where abouts did you get your Laney CG300 from? im thinking about getting a new amp cos mine sucks, and where on the guitar did you put this electric tape?
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