Well I have come to a decision that I want a new amp, but I don't want to spend much money. In other words I am looking for the most bang for buck amp. I play bands such as: Dream Theater, Metallica, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and I also like a little bit of cleans, but I will sacrifice cleans for a nice distortion sound.

I am interested in the Valveking 1X12 as I need volume to get over a drummer in band practices, but I also want to use this as my bedroom practice amp aswell. Am I making a good choice in purchasing this amp with the sound I want to get out of it? Is there any amps I should compare it to that is in this price range? Any pedals that will make this thing go from descent to :O (jaw dropping).

I play an LTD H-1000 with seymour duncan JB/59s

It might be a little inferior stock to something like, say a Mesa F50.

If you want to buy it to get those sounds, it's going to need a speaker swap and an OD of some sort, such as a Fulltone OCD. I WOULDN'T buy a tube screamer against popular consensus because it has a mid hump that will not be desirable for more rhythm gain sound.