This isnt REALLY a Vs thread but. I use my forearm alot in my own playing. I am mostly a rhythm player. So much question is; should i be picking the single open notes with my wrist then the chords my forearm or should i try my hardest to play anything i can with my wrist?

When it comes to trempicking, you'll regret it otherwise. It's also far more accurate to use your wrist.
^not only is it more accurate but you have a lot more stamina in your wrist (pun intended)
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people who think that the tuning peg things have to be straight. I went to the bathroom once, I come back, and my friend detunified my guitar, and then asked why it sounded weird. ARGG!!!


also, you'll probably find that you can dig in and end up gettin a lot more volume out of your guitar with wrist picking. but unless you're playin acoustic i doubt that you'd notice. forearm picking is more jus for show imho
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I read somewhere that if you trem pick too often with your fore-arm, it can give you carpel tunnel?
just my 2 cents =]

I read somewhere that typing can give you carpel tunnel. QUICK, STOP TYPING!