Well i have an assignment for school and i have to write a bunch of crap. anyway thats not important. Its about being a convinct sent to australia in the 1800's. I have 3 choices for characters.

character 1. my character escapes and becomes a bush ranger. he gets caught robbing a bunch of rich people and is sent to high security prison.

Character 2. The hardend criminal dude. Hes in such a ****ty prison and is forced to work in a chain gang. half the people in his cell die from diseases. He tries to escape on day and is caught and gets hanged.

Character 3. The hardworking trustworthy guy. Hes forced to work for some asshole who runs a farm. working conditions are so **** he goes crazy and kills his master and gets hunted down and killed.

Which one do you guys like the most?
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do one like Ned Kelly style,
awesome convict one of the infamous convicts ever to live
now thats a project
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do one like Ned Kelly style,
awesome convict one of the infamous convicts ever to live
now thats a project

Evreyones going to be copying ned kelly. I like being diferent
Number one for sure, Ned Kelly FTW!
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I like 2
do it, do it now!
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Well, I think I could write about the first one the best but isn't it up to you? As you're doing the assignment, you're supposed to choose the one that fits best with your writing skills.
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3. Bush + psychosis = fun. And yeah, Australian history is pretty boring, once you take out the quasi-mythology that keeps getting piled up.
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I guess boring and sandy. Cos no-one cares about aborigines so they only have a few centuries worth.