hi! long time lurker to this forum here...

i have the emg dg20 (the david gilmour pickguard/pickup set) and was wondering if there are any mods that people have done to them?

i'm already considering the 18v mod and i'm thinking about maybe a killswitch but i dunno if the wiring for one is any different due to the active electronics (although i figure that has nothing to do with the functionality of it)...

so are there any interesting mods out there for the dg20?

thanks, and thanks for all the info this board has supplied me over the years... usually i can find what i'm looking for by myself (i know how to use the search feature) but this is a case of just looking for a new idea/thing to do just for the hell of it. if i knew what to search for i would have done it already.

anyone got any ideas?
I love those pickups!
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i'd expect you to say that.

so no one has any mod ideas?

i'm thinking likely killswitch, then making the power switchable from 9v to 18v and possibly a led wired to a momentary switch so i can check how much juice is left in the batteries.

i know emg sells a phase inverter for $25 but i'd rather make one myself... just gotta hunt down a schematic....