Hey Pit.
Background: My Mum is constntly unplugging the internet (probably as a punishment, although she gives no reason so how on earth im supposed to d something about it I'll never know) and as my mobile is currently broken and we dont have an outgoing landline, this really pisses me off as it my only communication with the outside world.

I do, however, know from borrowing a laptop, and also my younger sibling's Nintendo Wii - that next door have a working wireless conection we can steal.

I know theres something you have to plug into the USB to get this. My question for you is, what are these called? can they be bought alone without a whoel wireless kit? and how much are they?
I've been here since '04.

You can buy those wireless usb stick things for around $60 usually.
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Yer don't steal it cause they may have a download limit or something, just make up some crap to your mum like, the modem broke and this is a really good quality one (show her the router and she will buy it hopefully)
Your assuming that their wireless connection is infact free of any security devices at all. Unless your neighbours are complete idiots, there is a very very small chance you'll just be able connet to their network 'no questions asked'. But most connections have either WEP (easy to crack) or WPA (harder to crack) as some form of basic security. You would need to know how to make your computer invisible to them aswell. If they have 2 computers and see 3 connected, then they can ban the MAC address of whichever one they don't recognize. Or if you were dumb enough to name your computer whatever your real name is, and they see your computers name and know its yours, then you can get arrested.

Or to look at it the other way round. If you manage to get connected and it's all working. Then police turn up at your neighbours house, arresting them for downloading and distribution of child pornography. Police see that there is another computer on the network, they find out it's yours. Your computer is seized as evidence then you just gotta hope you have nothing incriminating.

In short, it's a bad idea. Get a job and buy a phoneline and your own internet connection like your neighbour has obviously done. You can't go through life just 'stealing' things.
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