I have several pedals laying around that I don't really use...I'll entertain any trade offers just cause I love to trade...I do prefer trades, so if you're interested in buying, don't post a "how much" question, email me or PM me.
Most items I won't sell, but I'll trade...I'm weird like that I guess.

First off, here's what I've got:

Line 6 'Uber Metal' ToneCore MODULE ONLY (No Dock)
Line 6 'Uber Metal' ToneCore MODULE ONLY (No Dock) <Two Available>
Line 6 'Crunchtone' ToneCore MODULE ONLY (No Dock)
Behringer CS100 Compressor / Sustainer
Digitech Hyper Phase
Peavey AOD-2 Accelerator Overdrive
Rocktek Distortion

Digitech TSR-24S (green backlight doesn't work, but display is fine, just not as readable in the dark)

2 Roland PD5 Pads
2 Yamaha TP60 Pads
1 Kick Drum Trigger with angled beater

Send me *ANY* offers!

I could use a stock, non-modified Boss DS1 or GE7...but remember, I'll consider any trades.
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I've updated the links in the first post to show some pics.
I'll take some pics of the other items in a little while and edit again.
Interested in the Digitech Rack unit. Have you got the floorboard for it?

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How much for either of the pads?
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how much you lookin for the digitech?
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Maybe a dumb question, noob-ish question. But what do you mean by just the module's and not the pedal
for those tonecore pedals they've got swappable modules, like you can take out the ubermetal effect from the pedal and put in one of the others.