well i want to practice my pinch harmonics in a riff or a song, can someone recommend me few songs? and please dont Say: "something of zakk wylde or you can play Pantera the have a lot!!11!" song only please.
the ones i know:
Cementary Gates - Pantera
Spirit Crusher - Death
Ruins Of Life - Archeon
Are You Dead Yet - COB
welcome home by coheed and cambria
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Wow, thats a good riff, thx
also, there are few scales that you can put pinch harmonics and sounds really nice
what are these?
destruction overdrive by BLS
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try playing "I Don't Know" by Ozzy Osbourne, and for the main riff play the bits in between the alternate picking of the A string as pinched harmonics -- you will be playing 2 notes as pinched harmonics, but add wide vibrato and they sound great.
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